Sunday, October 31, 2010

I Know I Can Make Everything Just Perfect

This morning I was hungover as all hell. Seriously. Playing beer pong with malt liquor is not a good idea. I felt I was a piece of shit with a shakeweight for a stomach trapped in a dead 21 year-old skeleton's body. It was one of those morning where you just toss and turn in your bed because you don't know if you're too hot or too cold and all you want to do is pass out but you can't because your headache is keeping you awake.

Eventually I put on some Alkaline Trio and managed to salvage a nap after taking some advil. Because of the order on my itunes, All came one after Alkaline Trio. Around the time track four, She's My Ex (that's one of my favourite songs ever!) came I noticed it was pretty sunny and I had to crack a smile. It's impossible to feel bummed out and shitty while hearing that main riff, and who hates sunshine?

It seems like this all I write about over and over. "Hey man, don't feel sad! There's lots of things to be happy about!" But seriously, being positive seems to be one of the main things I think about. Being sad is not a fun thing. It's really easy to always cave to it, but you just can't. It makes the rest of your life harder and it makes you a lot less fun to be around. It's a vicious cycle man.

Soundtrack to this morning:
Jets To Brazil- You're Having The Time Of My Life (goes out to everyone at Fest, haha)
Alkaline Trio- Radio
Alkaline Trio- This Addiction (the whole deluxe version of the album!)
and of course, All-All

Cool, I'm gonna go make some Kraft Dinner and watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

P.S., the best part of last night was when Brian and I were playing beer as team "Mega Powers" (we dressed up as Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage for Halloween, respectively) and we made a huge comeback and I ended up hitting the last cup. As soon as it went in, Brian tore his shirt in half like the Hulk would and everyone went crazy. It was so sick.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm Gonna Feel This Way 'Til I'm Six Feet Underground

I'm really liking this song at the moment.

The Smoking Popes are one of those bands that I probably should have checked out a long time ago. Josh Caterer has a very distinctive vocal style (someone on youtube commented: "it sounds like Sinatra got a punk band!) and it is really what separates the band from others. Later in their career he got really into Christianity ("I Know You Love Me" isn't about his wife), but the first album is just love-lorn emo-ish/pop/punk gold with him crooning every word.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Been On Top Of The World Since About Six Months Ago

I'm sure that everyone has their own version of what I'm about to write about. You know when you're listening to a song and there's a part that just makes you go "Oh, fuck yea."? I don't mean like a guitar riff or a particular lyric, I mean like just a little tiny part. Maybe a few seconds long tops? I don't know if it's just because I play an instrument and have written songs. No it's not, that sounds out of control pretentious. Whatever, I listen to music pretty much all the time, so sometimes I notice little parts in songs I like and it makes me like them a lot more.

So yea.

In this one, the "Woo!" right before the riff picks up (0:26)(it was a lot more prevalent in the split version of this song, but alas, it was not on youtube) also the "Get up and dance!" around 2:24. The split version is actually way better. Damn.

The drum fill right before the second verse of this song (1:11) makes me squeal. I fucking love it so much.

The bass fill in this song. Around 1:48.

The pick slide at the end of this song, right before the tempo picks up a bit(3:10). It makes me feel like I can take on the world. Combined with the little bit of feedback you can hear throughout that whole part when ever the guitars stop? Holy fuck man.

This is probably the biggest one. When that bassline comes in. Goddamn it gets me every time. Just always puts a huge grin on my face.

Monday, October 18, 2010

She Has A New Man, I Have A New Mustachce

Cancer has been somewhat involved for the last little while in my life.

Out of nowhere in 2005, my mom was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Fortunately, we caught it early. She had surgery to remove the tumor and underwent chemotherapy and beat it like a fucking champ. Luckily, there hasn't been any sign of it since.

It puts things in perspective. Having someone close to you be that sick shows how quickly someone can leave your life, with it being totally out of your control. There are tons of people who lose very important people in their life every day due to cancer and there is nothing they can do about it. Kids getting left on their own? Fuck man. Fuck.

I've always been a fan of "no-shave November" or "movemeber" just because I love to grow beards and mustaches. This year I found out that a charity is tied to it. Movember encourages guys to grow mustaches in order to promote men's health and raise money for prostate cancer research. I was very stoked to find this organization. 'Cause I fucking hate cancer. And if my growing of a mustache, which I was going to grow for November anyways, can aid in getting rid of it, well then fuckin' 'eh.

Oh and, I don't give a fuck about donating "to me" or whatever. Just make sure the money goes to research.


My Heart Skipped A Beat

This week I've been complaining about how I'm losing my hair.

I've always been pretty scared about the possibility of going bald one day. I've never been bald and really don't think I'd look very normal. It's also kind of emasculating, y'know? Well yea, I've always been terrified of losing my hair, but it's never seemed like a real possibility. I mean I've always had pretty thin hair, but it didn't seem like it was all going to come out.

Well recently my hair's been getting pretty long. I've wanted to grow it out really long for a while and only decided to go through with it recently. I've had to comb it much more, so as to avoid the dreadlocks that would form with my very curly hair. So recently my hair was felt much thinner than normal and I've noticed that my hair line has apparently moved back quite a bit. You can try and convince me if you want but it doesn't matter; I am going bald.

So yes, recently I've been complaining about it much more. My friends say "Shut up, you're just paranoid, relax.", it doesn't change anything in my mind, but my friends are tired of hearing about it.

So anyways, moral of this whole thing: Today as I was walking to night class I saw a guy that I recognized from one of my prior classes. Not even a dude that I know, just someone who I visually recognized. This isn't out of the ordinary, only so many people on campus and I also have a pretty stupid memory, to the point that if I see you semi-regularly, you're in my mind forever.

But this guy used to have a thick, curly afro. It's been replaced with a bandana over a bald head. It made me think; "Fuck, I'm bitching like it's the end of the world about me "going bald", for him it's just a side-affect of his chemotherapy." Man woe is me. I'm acting like losing my hair is the end of my life, this guy is not only going bald, but also has to deal with a life-threatening illness.

I really try to keep a positive head and look at what I got, but a lot of the times, I don't even notice when I don't.

Tell me this more please, even if I don't listen, it'll sink in eventually.

Life could be way way worse, no matter who you are. PMA.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I Promised I'd Never Grow Up, That's Why I Never Did

Go here right the fuck now.

Live It Out plays fuckin' fast and doesn't care about singing well. Blare that shit and get rad.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Know I'm A Sucker For That T-Shirt

A while ago it was a really popular thing on facebook that people would write out "20 Things You May Not Know About Me" notes and tag all their best friends in them. Most people just kind of said things that were distinctive about them, but everyone knew already. I didn't do it at them the time because I "thought it was dumb" even though I read all of the ones I was tagged in by my friends. Don't forget, I'm "punk" and have a reputation to keep up.

All kidding aside, I think it's kind of a rad idea, especially since I think there's a ton of stuff that people probably don't know about me. I don't know if I'll go over or under 20, but anyways heeerrrreeegoes:

1. Biggest one I guess, once you get to know me I'm a pretty emotional guy. This is definitely not my first impression because chances are if you meet me sober, then I'm super shy and quiet. If you meet me drunk, I'm loud and dumb.

2. I am PETRIFIED of losing my hair. I have pretty thin hair already and the thought of me being bald, let alone bald at a young age, scares me to fucking death. I think I would look pretty fucking weird with no hair.

3. I go through phases where I listen to really corny love songs. I don't mean like New Found Glory or Blink. I mean like Hall & Oats and Macy Gray. The one occupying this spot at the moment is “Keep On Lovin’ You” by REO Speedwagon. Don't judge me please.

4. On that note: there's a lot of stuff you might be surprised I listen to. Ex. Al Green.

5. Redheads drive me absolutely bananas. I don’t know what it is.

6. I used to hate myself a lot. That’s all over now though! Positive Mental Attitude! Bend but never break!

7. You’ll probably think this is weird, but every now and then I really like to showers with the lights off, so it’s only natural light in the washroom.

8. I hate my hair. I’m sure if you’re a girl, curly hair is rad because you can style however you want and all that shit. You know what I can do with my hair? Fucking nothing. Either jew ‘fro or hat hair. That’s all I got. I would kill for my hair to be straight as an arrow.

9. I also hate the way my voice sounds. I remember the first time I heard it played back to me, all I could think was “Man, there’s no way I actually sound like that”. I think everybody sort of thinks that, but fuck I think mine sounds lame.

10. I am also aware that I am not an attractive dude. It’s alright; I’ve come to terms with it.

Enough self-depreciation for now!

11. I love dogs. A lot!

12. Sort of a tie into #3 I guess, but I’m the biggest sucker for love songs that there is.

13. I really like to make people laugh. I really don’t care about making fun of myself or doing dumb things at my own expense as long as everyone around me is smiling and having a good time.

14. I know that on first impression I can seem like a bit of a dumbass. I quote stupid movies, I do dumb things (especially when I drink) and I seem to have a lowbrow sense of humour. Don’t get me wrong, I do like all these things, Billy Madison will be my favourite movie forever. But I also like more cerebral things as well. Catch 22 is a hilarious book, The Life Aquatic makes me piss my pants and I go to museums and art galleries because I genuinely enjoy them, not to try and seem cultured.

15. On that note; I really don’t think I’m that smart of a dude. Maybe a 6.5-7 out of 10.

16. I really like being in a relationship. Being single kind of sucks, I’d much rather have girlfriend to talk to. Not to say I’m not happy when I’m on my own, but I’d rather have the ol’ ball and chain to come home to y’know?

17. Even though I don’t skank like I used to and listen to a much wider variety music now than I did when I was 16, I will always be a ska kid at heart. Ska’d 4 lyfe.

18. I can, and enjoy speaking French, though I’ve lost a lot of it since getting to high school.

19. My feet (especially in the summer, when I never wear socks with my vans) (and especially when I have on my really old teal and grey slip-ons) have the most ungodly scent on this earth. I’ve been told the Canadian army is scouting them for chemical warfare.

20. I like girls who are little unkept and rough around the edges. If you are too into yourself, it makes me want to stop talking to you.

21. Mexican food is my favourite type of food.

22. I crank up music and rock out playing along to it all the time in my room.

23. Bill Murray is my favourite actor. He is the funniest person of all time and a god among men.

24. I’m the worst at returning texts and calls. Usually I get one, then pause trying to think of a witty response that makes me seem a lot smarter and cooler than I actually am. Then I get distracted and realize three hours later I haven’t returned it yet. That and I leave my phone around all the time. I don't like having it in my pocket because I’d rather not have testicular cancer.

25. I know that sometimes I can be overly sarcastic and it gives people a weird impression of me. I’m actually trying to not be so much of an asshole anymore. Seriously!

So I guess it was 25 things. There you go.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

You Promised, You Lied, You Lied And Then You Promised Again

The band Nix86 combines my three favourite things about music: Pop-punk, ska and songs about girls.

They aren't very well known (at least I'm pretty sure they aren't) because they don't go out of their way to advertise themselves and rarely play shows, let alone do a tour. BUT they are pretty much an all-star super ska-punk band if you know anything about Long Island ska (my favourite type of ska!). Member's former project include: High School Football Heroes, Edna's Goldfish, The Arrogant Sons of Bitches, Bomb The Music Industry!, The Flaming Tsunamis and We Are The Union. If you to stroll over to my page (Here, if you want to. I wouldn't though. Shit's mad boring.), then you can see why I would get so stoked over this. George writes really awesome lyrics, in my opinion. His old band (and also old band of some other members), the aforementioned High School Football Heroes, broke up because apparently ska kids thought they were too emo to be ska and emo kids were like "What the fuck is a trombone?!?". But anyways, he continues his stories of love gone wrong in this band. And I really fucking like it.

The music is just poppy as hell and usually accompanied by a dancy ska beat. It makes me smile and puts me in a good mood all the time.

Really though, there's a link to download their demo on their MySpace and you should totally do that. It's pretty good quality and it's free and I listen to it all the time because the songwriting is so damn good.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ready For The Next Trainwreck

Alright, I was thinking about how people have pet names for their significant others today (Sidenote: Pet name is just one of those things I say without actually thinking what I’m saying. When I actually do think about, it’s kind of weird. When I say pet, I think of my dogs. Comparing your girlfriend to a pet is a little odd, no?).

I was thinking about this because today I’ve been listening to I Am The Avalanche on repeat. One of my favourite lines from them is from the song “Green Eyes”, “Baby, these blue eyes are never as bright without you”. Yea I know, I’m fuckin’ emo. Sidenote: Every time I hear that song I think of Big Trouble In Little China, because oh how big a deal Lopan makes over girls with green eyes. And it’s one of my favourite movies.

Anyways, yea I was thinking about how much I like that line, but at the same time how I’ve never call my girlfriends baby. When I say it, it just seems forced and feels weird coming out of my mouth, you know? Same thing goes for honey, sweetie, babe, etc.

BUT, at the same time I like a lot of songs that use said words in them. Baby is all over this I Am The Avalanche record and god knows The Ergs! have used it more than a few times in their songs. If want to be a superstar punk rock love-song writer (which I totally do) I guess I should start then, eh?

Am I hypocrite for thinking that “Everything Falls Apart” by The Ergs! Is a rad song, but would feel like a tool saying “baby, tell another lie” in real life?

I really need start keeping track of my ideas in a better way. I had a bunch while I was writing this and forgot almost all of them.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Sleepless In St. Paul

I'm a fuck-up, who fucks up,
gets too drunk, won't shut up.
I'm hopeless, I know this.
I shoplift, I'm homeless.
I love you, it's stupid.
Sounds sappy, it's true,
but it could pass,
might be that.
cheap speed makes me think fast.

Wow, favourite song right now. And only 12 seconds long!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

But No, It's Just A Gracenote

I'm listening to Comadre right now!

They've been releasing these "mixtape" things recently. I was pretty confused as to what that entailed. Others' songs? There was an different artist attached to each song, so... collaborations?
I guess so. On the most recent mixtape edition, there's a pretty wide variety of artists (from P.O.S. to Dead To Me to Glasses) and Comadre has a pretty unique sound to begin with.

Well, the result is certainly interesting. Each song really is completely different in style from every other song. Sort of shouted/screamed vocals, one song that has a very Jamaican influence, one hip song, one sort of country one.

Totally cool and not like most things around right now.

Also totally free!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Man The Guilt Must Be Huge


I saw Fireworks last night. They played the best set I've ever seen them play for sure. Sure their music is stupidly poppy-generic pop-punk, but you know what? It's fucking fun. The only thing I don't like about seeing them live, and something that used to deter me from listening to them before, is the four or five kids who are always there throwing down and acting like they're at Trapped Under Ice show. Even though I don't do it, I can see how it would be fun when you're seeing a hardcore band. I'll even give you Set Your Goals and Four Year Strong because they have "heavy" parts. But Fireworks? C'mon son! Some of their songs are one step away from being "Build Me Up Buttercup" (I still love them, don't worry, but seriously). Especially when some other kids are trying to have fun, but you're flying around hitting them with your spinning arms.

Like guys, fuck off. Seriously.

Wearing my Fireworks shirt, at the moment, gives me the sense that I am required to be stoked. They're a fun band!

I am currently in my fourth year at university and continuing my half-assing ways. Maybe I'll change right?

Everybody is too critical of everyone else and everybody needs to relax the fuck out. Who even cares if you don't know them?

There was a news report about the town of Guelph and how they need to up police presence downtown because of all the drunk students. Good thing? I guess we're getting a reputation for partying hard and being rowdy. That's pretty rad. Bad thing? For some reason guys really like to fight when they drink. I don't really know why. I just try to have the best time I can when I drink.

Last night The Swellers (I really, really liked their last album, then the new one came out and I didn't dig it as much. After last night I'm back on them.) covered "May 16th" by Lagwagon. There was like three of us that knew the song, but whatevs. I'll love skate-punk forever and ever.

Happy thoughts!