Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I'm Like John Cusack

Well, one movie that I really enjoy is High Fidelity. I feel like the main character Rob, John Cusack, one of my favourite actors, is a lot like me. But anyways, throughout the movie it is a recurring thing that Rob and the guys who work in his store are making top 5 lists (top 5 a-side track ones, top 5 Monday sucks songs) all the time, so I decided that I’m going to make a bunch of these now for your reading pleasure.

See, now the title makes more sense. Because that's my favourite song by one of my favourite bands, AND I'm being like a character he played! Aren't I clever?

Top 5 “I Love You” Songs: 
5. Going Away To College- Blink 182
4. Carry On- Hifi Handgrenades
3. Something New- Mustard Plug
2. Million Bucks- All
1. Nothing with You- The Descendents


Top 5 “Why Don’t You Love Me Back?” Albums: 
5. Cool to Be You- Descendents
4. Jersey’s Best Dancers- Lifetime
3.24 Hour Revenge Therapy- Jawbreaker
2. Pinkerton- Weezer
1. Three Cheers for Disappointment- Arrogant Sons of Bitches

Top 5 “Bands That I Like But Are Still Good To Put On At A Party” Albums: 
5. Wonders Of The World- Long Beach Dub All-Stars
4. Turn The Radio Off- Reel Big Fish
3. I Get Wet- Andrew W.K. 
2. Hang-Ups- Goldfinger
1. Anthem-Less Than Jake

Top 5 “Puts Me in A Good Mood” Albums: 
5.Make Your Mark- Living with Lions
4. Operation Ivy- Operation Ivy
3. Who We Are- We Are The Union
2. To Leave or Die in Long Island- Bomb The Music Industry!
1. Destruction by Definition- The Suicide Machines

Top 5 Summer Albums: 
5. Hang-Ups- Goldfinger
4. Rise or Die Trying- Four Year Strong
3. Last Wave Rockers- Common Rider
2. GNV FLA- Less Than Jake
1. The Mark, Tom and Travis Show- Blink 182

Top 5 Songs About Songs
5. Classics of Love- Common Rider
4. Lift! - Rehasher
3. Trusty Chords- Hot Water Music
2. Sound System- Operation Ivy
1. Thank You- The Descendents

Top 5 “Songs That Make Wish I Was At A Show Stage-Diving To This Song”
5. Your Silence- The Suicide Machines
4.ISHC Theme Song- International Superheroes of Hardcore
3. Disciples- This Is Hell
2. Sunset on 32nd- Strike Anywhere
1. Talk Is Cheap- Comeback Kid

Top 5 Hip-Hop Songs
5. A.D.I.D.A.S. - Killer Mike, ft. Big Boi
4. Christmas in Hollis- RUN DMC
3. Northern Touch- Rascalz, ft. Kardinal Offishal, Thrust, Choclair and Checkmate
2. The Old Prince Still Lives At Home- Shad
1. Can’t Live Without My Radio- LL Cool J

Top 5 “Don’t Change for People” Songs
5. Pump Lube and Gary The Bear- Daggermouth
4. Chicago- Big D and the Kids Table
3. Happy Anterbrae Day! - Bomb The Music Industry!
2. The Middle- Jimmy Eat World
1. Sugar in Your Gas Tank- Less Than Jake

Top 5 “I Don’t Care What You Say, I Like This Song” Songs
5. Kickstart My Heart- Motley Crue
4. 504 Boyz- Tight Whips
3. The Last Song- All-American Rejects
2. Leaving On a Jet Plane- John Denver
1. I’d Do Anything- Simple Plan

Top 5 “These Albums Make Me Feel 16” Albums
5. Keasbey Nights- Catch 22
4. Turn The Radio Off- Reel Big Fish
3. Evil Doers Beware! - Mustard Plug
2. Self Titled- Pennywise
1. Punk in Drublic- NOFX

Top 5 “I Need To Get Better At Bass” Albums
5. Number of the Beast- Iron Maiden
4. Live At The Fest 7- A Wilhelm Scream
3. Hello Rockview- Less Than Jake
2. Somewhere In the Between- Streetlight Manifesto
1. Destruction by Definition- Suicide Machines

Top 5 “As Soon As I Hear This Song I Feel Better Inside” Songs
5. Carry On- Hifi Handgrenades 
4. I’m Like John Cusack- We Are the Union
3. No Face- Suicide Machines
2. Thank You- Descendents
1. Kiss the Bottle- Jawbreaker

Top 5 Albums Ever (or at least my best guess)
5. Everything Sucks- The Descendents
4. Losing Streak- Less Than Jake
3. Who We Are- We Are The Union
2. Destruction by Definition- The Suicide Machines
1. Three Cheers for Disappointment- Arrogant Sons Of Bitches