Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's Only The End Of The World. Again.

So I was just reading through a bunch of my old blog posts (I'm prone to do this all the time. One: I want to check for spelling and grammar. Two: I just like going over the stuff I wrote for some reason.) and came to a conclusion about them: I'm pretty proud of them. I hope this doesn't come off as me being full of my self, but yea, I think they sound semi-intelligent. I've looked at stuff I've written in the past before and just thought "Christ, I was a moron." but that wasn't really the case this time.

Cool, I guess.

Futurama's back. That's pretty rad. When I first started watching the show I didn't think it was anything special, but when it went into syndication I started to really enjoy it. Plus Zapp Branigan is the best.

So hey, I saw this the other day. I would explain it, but the video explains it all in the first 20 seconds. In short, good bands cover songs from a list put together by The AV Club. This one is Superchunk (who I love) covering "Inbetween Days" by The Cure (who I love, also my favourite song by the band and posted here earlier). Superchunk is one of the original indie-rock bands from the 90's and they really got it right. I wish I had a voice like that. They do an awesome version of one of my favourite tunes.

I'm also really stoked on The Smoking Popes lately but for some godforsaken reason the family desktop, which I'm using while my laptop is out of commission, gets an F in copy and pasting so no video.

So yea, listen to "Need You Around".

But the Superchunk cover first, because it rules so hard.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I Promised I'd Never Grow Up, That's Why I Never Did

So Blogger made this new stats thing that can show you all this shit about how many people go to your blog, how they get to your blog, which posts they read, etc. I think it's really rad and extremely interesting.

Like I suspected, a ton of the visits for this thing are via the link posted on my facebook profile. Cool, you guys know how much of a moron I am. Thanks for checking it out regardless of that.

I got a ton of traffic from people searching for Wonder Years downloads and Wonder Years lyrics. In fact my most read post is the one that is just copy and past of the shpeal that accompanied "The Upsides" from the band. I like this because it shows there is an interest in a band that I love a lot. One thing though. Instead of downloading their album you should really buy it. One: It's a fucking rad album, definitely my favourite of the year. Two: The band went through something like 4 vans and a trailor in one month and are still making it out on tour. They're in gross debt, you should help that.

Not surprisingly, essentially all of my readers are from Canada, with few from the States. That's cool. There was one from Russia. Hey dude from Russia!

I realize that nobody really cares about this except for me, but I really enjoyed looking at it. It was stuff that I wondered about, y'know.

Alright here you go:

Live It Out rules. They found me on twitter and I really like their jams. Living With Lions/Lifetime/Saves The Day type pop-punk but with gruffer vocals and a little more on the hardcore side. They're brand new and I can't wait for more stuff from them.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, July 19, 2010

We're The Filthy Vermin That'll Set You People Free

Been way too long since I've heard this:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

You Watch What I Say


The Andrew WK set at Warped Tour was one of the best times I've ever had in my life. Seeing him with a full-band live is just the greatest. I think Andrew WK should play my wedding reception. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Gonna Need Breath In Those Lungs

Hey! You should totally listen to these songs. They are both on my summer playlist, which is getting pretty big as well as getting pretty epic.

Chixdiggit is pop-punk. Catchy as fuck. I discovered this song via my Fat Wrecktrospective and absolutely adore it. Oh yea and lyrics about girls and all that shit.

Still continuing on my Alkaline Trio binge. The new cd is okay. Half the songs are good and half are bad. The good ones just knock the ball out of the park. The bad ones are meh. This is a b-side that only came with the deluxe edition, but had it been included with the actual album, would definitely be one of the best songs. I think if you pay close attention to the lyrics, the song will become pretty easy to relate to. Or maybe I'm the world's biggest softy. Either or I guess.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Maybe I, Just Set Aside

So there's a visual about what I wrote last time.

I wish I could write something that could pass as semi-in depth right now, that is tied into my life and what goes on in it. But pretty much the only thing that goes on right now is listening to Alkaline Trio on the GoTrain and then zoning out at work until it's time to go home. So I guess that leaves me to talk about Alkaline Trio.

The first I heard of them was seeing their shirt for sale in west49. I figured they were an "emo" band (from now on, whenever I write out emo in quotation marks it means my view of what it was about 6 years ago and not the genre that I have come to enjoy pretty well now) because of their name (I also saw a Hot Water Music shirt at this west49 and thought the same thing, shows you how musically educated I was). Then later I saw Tony from No Use For A Name wearing their shirt and my opinion of them went up a bit. I checked out a stream of their new album when it came out and enjoyed it, but didn't get around to doing anything more until Warped Tour this year when I watched part of their set (sidenote: just remembered, will post something about Warped). They were rad and opened with a really old song. So I got their first album "Goddamnit" after this. I like it and I like it a lot.

This song might be my favourite, but I'm not sure.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I Saw The Sunset Through The Front Of The G-Train Tonight

Some days I wake up in a really shitty mood and hate the world. Then the sun hits my face, I put on Bomb The Music Industry! and remember that life's pretty rad.

Also, when I was coming home today the Sun was a position in through the window on the GoTrain that it made the outside look like that level in world 2 of Super Mario Bros. 3, where it chases you. That combined with "Scrambles" put the hugest fucking grin on my face. I was surrounded by business people coming home from downtown who all looked miserable. I'm glad I can stay happy.

Monday, July 5, 2010

I'm Nailing Shards Of Hope Together

Dan Potthast used to play in mu330. They were an early ska-punk band (formed in '88, well before it got "cool" in the mid nineties) and they rule hard. Now he mostly plays acoustic shows. The shows are super fun because, well, acoustic ska is super fun. He's also a really funny, nice, charismatic and down-to-earth dude who also happens to be a out of this world songwriter. You should listen to him.

The Wonder Years are nothing new to this blog and you're probably pretty tired of hearing about them. But seriously. Ok, so a lot people write them off as one of the generic "NFG-core" bands that are getting popular these days, I think. I can totally see why one would say this after their first album. It had a lot of the breakdowns and synth riffs. But that is totally not the case anymore. They are just a pop-punk band, and making a running at being the most honest one ever. I had a great conversation with the singer last Wednesday. There is no band I'd rather have you start listening to. They write songs about feeling okay with yourself and they never lose the ability to put a giant grin on my face.