Thursday, June 23, 2011

Since It's About Old Entries, I Should Probably Put Bayside Lyrics As The Title To This Post Because I Loved Jamming That Shit Back Then

Man, I just read through a bunch posts that I put up more or less at the start of this blog, during summer 2009. The first thing I noticed is that I really used to like writing in this thing A LOT. Not to say that I don't enjoy it now (pfft, like I even write in this thing now. AMIRITE?), but I used to really look forward to writing stuff and put a lot of thought into pretty long entries for this thing. This seems to be something that is really not happening now. It's usually either putting up links to a free album that I like or some long winded spontaneous rant that is hurtin' for some syntax.

I think a big part of those long entries (like the one about ska, Jeff Rosenstock/ASOB/BTMI! or the skateboarding one) were just me trying to convey who I am and the things I like.

Sidebar: I almost wrote "who I was" until I realized that I still absolutely adore all of the things in brackets up there.

Because I can be really shy. I think I've gotten better about it now, but I used to be a really reserved person and you had to either be one of my absolute best friends or really pry at me to get any info at about my personal life/feelings/etc. So I guess writing out these long entries were a way for me to explain things about myself and it really felt good.

So reading through those entries now, I totally want to get back to that feeling. And get better at proof-reading. And try and think of one possible reason for why I thought putting a quote from a song at the end of every post was cool. But mainly get back to that feeling. So I'm going to try and think of some topic that is important to me and go on a long-winded rant about how much it means to me and how I discovered one day after work this weekend.

Alright, cool beans.

Man, how many posts have been based on me reading through my own blog and then giving my reaction. I may be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I have the "Most Vain Motherfucker In Scarborough" award on lock this year. Go me!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sitting There With Your Mouth Full Of Beer

I'm seeing this tonight. That is all that matters.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Zack Attack

I have no idea how, but yesterday I remembered that the site Saved By The Bell Quote Of The Day exists and ended up reading through a pretty decent chunk of the entries.

Essentially the dude watches an episode of Saved By The Bell and then dissects it and makes fun of how completely ridiculous the show was and how absolutely terrible the writing/jokes were. I guess it only works if you are familiar with the show or grew up in the 90's, but it is really, really funny.

This is one of my personal favourites, but I would totally recommend reading through all of them at some point because they really are hilarious.

Man, Saved By The Bell was such a dumb fucking show. I'm so happy that something that terrible managed to stick around for so long, because it's impossible not to laugh at how stupid it is.

Monday, June 13, 2011

It's Always Sunny Up There

Remember that Joey Cape's Bad Loud song a post a while ago? And how awesome it was?

Now you can get an entire album. And choose the price! So it can be free if you want!

I think it's really good. It's basically just full-band versions of songs off of his last two acoustic albums, but the songs are still really great. I think that how good his lyrics are always get lost in the music he writes, but they're at the forefront here. Just solid song-writer.

And try and tell me that you wouldn't want a significant other to say that this songs reminds them of you:

People Must Have Seen The Sparks

I think this blog might be dying.

Now I could just be saying that because it's been around ten days since my last post, but I feel kind of burnt out on it at the moment as well. Maybe I'm just burnt out on writing in general right now? Who knows! I mean I've had this thing for a decently long time and it has definitely outlasted most blogs. If you're wondering, I am basing that fact off absolutely nothing, but it seems like most blogs are pretty short-lived. I've kept this thing going for a pretty long time though. I obviously post more often sometimes, but it has been trucking for about three and a half years now.

Theoretically, I should writing tons right now. I've been home from Guelph for more almost two months, so I have no school related writing to do and haven't had any to do for a while. I only work weekends and still have pretty much no money. This means that I have pretty much nothing to do. So I guess it's just laziness that I don't update this? I guess so.

I started using tumblr more too, but I've always like blogger more. It seems like tumblr is mostly just people recycling pictures they think are funny and taking pictures of themselves. I'm totally down with that, but I like that blogger requires you to write something out and put at least some amount of thought into what you are posting.

But tumblr has been occupying a decent amount of my time. So I guess maybe that's why I haven't been writing here as much.

So it seems that is turning into another one of my posts about pretty much nothing that I have to crank out in order to get back in the hang of writing. Sorry, I'm sure these can be pretty annoying.

'Sup with you guys? I'm seeing the motherfucking Descendents in four days. It's really cool for me because it's my birthday, but it should be cool for everyone because it's the Descendents. I know I'm a pretty huge fan which makes my opinion pretty biased, but they are one of the most important punk bands ever. It's also free and has OFF! and Fucked Up opening. Me saying this has probably gotten pretty old, but it's going to be really, really, REALLY fun and awesome. It's huge for me to finally get to see them.

The rest of North by Northeast is going to be a blast too!

Life's pretty rad right now, even if I've already got pretty gnarly sunglasses and vans tanlines going from work. But who cares right?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Soon We'll Have Nothing Left To Show

I find that traveling really is the best time for listening to music. If I'm going anywhere in Toronto I always have my headphones in because I don't want to deal with the people that are on our public transit and I'm generally leaving the east end alone to meet people downtown. Obviously if I'm going somewhere outside of the city I also listen to music because it is a somewhat lengthy trip no matter where you're going.

But yea, traveling is totally the best time to listen to music because listening to music is pretty much the only thing you are doing other than remembering to get off at the right subway stop. It isn't putting on an album while you surf Facebook, or half-listening to something while you watch Shawn Camp give up six earned runs in the third inning. At least in my experience, it's listening to music and that's it. You give an album you full attention and pick up on every little part of the recording and take the entire thing in. I like music a lot, so traveling also becomes one of my favourite times.

A good example of this recently was on my way to Pouzza Fest. We listened to Fucked Up's David Comes To Life on the drive up. The scenario was ideal because Fucked Up is a band that puts a crazy amount of effort into their songs and also just a crazy amount of different parts to each song. Like fucking 4 different vocal tracks, I can't even count how many guitar tracks on each song. But when you're driving up the 401 to Quebec, you're able to notice these things and fully appreciate them.

That rules.

Also, go buy that Fucked Up record. It's fucking crazy and genius. I can't imagine how they actually put these incredibly complex songs together.

But I was kind of thinking this today because I took the TTC (Toronto public transit, for the 1 random person that doesn't know me personally reading this who may not know what I'm talking about.) to and from a game of pick-up baseball and really fucking liked the albums I was listening to. It was also really hot today, which also added to that enjoyment.




I put Hostage Calm on because I like playing the intro track to Lens "In So Many Words..." on acoustic guitar. Now I really, really like the direction that Hostage Calm has taken recently (I won't really go into it now, I sort of touched on it here.), but I realized after I got to about the 3rd track today that Lens is probably one of my top 5 favourite hardcore records ever. It was one that I listened to a ton when I was really big into the genre and I hadn't given it a good listen in a while. Turn up your speakers as loud as they can go and try to tell me that you don't want to be in a pile on yelling "TUNED OUT!". The album is really just front to back bangers and never lets up in its intensity.

I knew at some point today I was going to have to listen to African Elephants by Dead To Me because of how nice the weather was. I got that album right at the start of last summer and immediately thought that it was the perfect music for the season. Not even just the island-influenced songs like "X" or "California Sun" but also every song on it (Save for the atrocious closer "Blue" which I skip every listen.) is perfect for warm weather and sunshine. I'm seriously starting to think that it might be the best summer music around.

I was also wearing my Set Your Goals shirt today and was reminded by it that Mutiny! is also a great summer record. I've gotten really turned off by the band recently and pretty much couldn't care less about their future output, but their debut EP and first full-length are fucking incredible and hit the bullseye in terms of mixing hardcore and pop-punk. So many terrible bands have formed trying to do what this record does, but it doesn't change that it fucking rules. This will always be my favourite Set Your Goals song. MAWSH.

I'm also still hopelessly addicted to listening to Teenage Bottlerocket. Another band that is coincidentally, perfect for the summer.