Saturday, February 19, 2011

Let Me Be The Last Thing You Forget

Title Fight!

I'm stoked to see them next month. Fuck yeah.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I'm Unconsoled, I'm Lonely, I Am So Much Better Than I Used To Be

Paper and Plastick is awesome record label. It is run by Vinnie Fiorello, who is the drummer and lyricist for my favourite band, Less Than Jake. Aside from being a great wordsmith and a member of the best band on the planet, he also is involved in tons of other awesome non-LTJ related things. He founded (then left later) Fueled By Ramen records. He's had some cool clothing lines. He makes limited edition vinyl toys that are often sold on tour. He's written a children's book and is in the process of writing several other more grown-up books. Most importantly however, he loves collecting vinyl records something fierce and also has a knack for finding and helping out awesome bands.

This is evident in his (relatively) new label, Paper and Plastick. They try to only make vinyl records and digital downloads (Sometimes CDs are required. For a band to sell on tour, for example.) and they also try to do crazy stuff with it. In the past Less Than Jake has done some pretty out of control things with records, like shaping them like wedges of cheese or birthday cake, and this carries into this company. The colours are always crazy, there's tons of effort put into layout and art and sometimes they even come in crazy shapes (I just ordered a heart-shaped one). This coupled with the fact that they have arguably the best line-up in punk rock right now (Bomb The Music Industry!, A Wilhelm Scream, Shook Ones, We Are The Union, Protagonist, Mikey Erg, Rehasher, Riot Before, it actually does go on forever.) logically makes them arguably the best label in punk.

I say all this because they just released a free winter sampler that features 40 tracks from a bunch of absolutely awesome bands. Like I just said, it's free! All that you have to lose by downloading it is maybe not liking the bands. Get it!

Monday, February 14, 2011

When I Need Somebody Too, How you Make Me Laugh So Hard

Today is St. Valentine's Day. I'm sure all of you know this because A) everyone is berated with holiday related things every Valentine's Day and B) this entry is dated. But I said that to give the blog a frame of reference.

Anyways! Usually I dread Valentine's Day. This stems from the fact that I usually don't have too much luck with the ladies and end spending them alone. So far I've had a date or significant other for a grand total of 1 Valentine's Day. It just sucks because you constantly reminded by those in relationships about how happy and in love they are, which in turn makes you feel lonely.

So this year I was totally ready to put another notch in my belt and enjoy St. Lonely's Day. I made a playlist of songs about being lovelorn. I made a facebook status about hating Valentine's day. I was talking to other friends about what they were doing and we all generally had the same plan: Listen to The Ergs! (or All, House Boat, etc.) and probably drink (or in my case study!). One guy chimed in saying "Man, I can't believe you guys are letting one day get you down that much." And you know what? He's totally fucking right.

On one hand you can defend yourself. Red and pink hearts and corny love messages are more or less on every fucking thing on earth this time of year, but how are you going to let it bum you out that much? It's not like you don't know that you are alone every day of the year (that was meant to sound as depressing as it did).

Another big part was a friend posted the song "The Reasons" by The Weakerthans this morning on Facebook (it is obviously relevant). I wasn't aware of it until this morning, but I absolutely adore that song. I had planned to listen sad break-up songs and songs about being alone and hating the fact. But that songs is about being in love and (at the risk of sounding like an completely terrible romantic comedy starring probably Matthew McConnaughey and Jennifer Lopez or something) reminded me how that feels. Not to say that I'm some depressed 21 year old who feels like his heart's been ripped out of his chest because his college girlfriend of 3 months broke up with him, but I guess I haven't felt that way for a little while.

And that feels fucking good. I don't care how much of a wuss/pussy/fag (or anything else, I was called in highschool) (Also, how does a homosexual slur apply to someone who is expressing his appreciation for a girl? Doesn't make much sense.) that makes me. I really like being in love, it rules.

So long story short, rather than being apathetic and focusing on how I've been single with not much going on romantically for about 10 months, I'm going to try and think about how happy I've been before and try and keep that awesome happy feeling going.

I am really good at making depressing "I hate girls" playlists though. It's kind of my thing.

I mean it is only just another day right?

Blahblahblah corporations blahblahblah

Friday, February 11, 2011

I Hope You're In Your Car Right Now Turning This Shit Up So Loud

Man, in three months I get to see two bands who I place as my second and third favourites ever right now. I figured it would be a long time and nothing short of a miracle if I ever got to because they are both inactive and old and getting on with their lives. But they both decided to play shows in Canada within a month of each other. Lifetime and The Descendents, i can't wait to see you guys. My weekend is wide open and one of my best friends is coming up to hang out. Today I went to go cash a check, with which I bought some beer, some McDonalds and some snacks. I'm gonna go finish my laundry, have a few PBRs (they were on sale!) and probably watch Big Trouble In Little China. Appreciate the small things.

Life rules.


The Boy's No Good, He's A Hood, He Won't Treat You Like He Should

I am a very spoiled person. Not only do I lead a pretty comfortable life, have awesome friends and get to see The Descendents on my birthday, but now I get to see Lifetime (my third favourite band!) in May as well.

The band isn't very active anymore as the members have all moved onto other endeavors (obviously Dan can't play guitar when he's singing for Paint It Black or tearing up This Is Hardcore Fest), but still do play sporadically. This time it dovetails nicely with my location!

If you aren't familiar with them, Lifetime have secured a spot as one of hardcore and pop-punk's most influential bands. They play hard and they play fast but also are about as poppy as a hardcore band is willing to go and have more personal lyrics than their peers.


Seriously though, they are incredibly influential to bands like New Found Glory and Set Your Goals . Chances are if you yelled for it at a show, most bands would know a Lifetime cover.

Man, I've got it good.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chin Up And We'll Drown A Little Slower

Today I've been jamming The Copyrights pretty hard, but this still takes the cake as song of the day. I woke in an absolutely terrible mood, but these guys constantly remind me that it is way more fun to smile an be happy than sulk and be a shithead:

If you somehow find this Soupy, I can't wait to jump on top of you and scream along as soon as 2:19 happens on March 6th in Toronto. Fucking Stoked

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

When I Feel Weak You Make Me Feel Strong

I probably should have written last year when this happened, signaling that one my all-time favourite forever and ever and ever bands The Descendents would be somewhat active again.



Earlier today it was brought to my attention that the band would be playing a show at Yonge and Dundas Square in Toronto as a part of the North By Northeast music festival. The day they are playing the show also happens to be on my brithday, so you can imagine my excitement (seriously, this is fucking huge for me).

But The Descendents aren't just one of my personal favourites, they without a doubt, objectively up there as the most important punk bands ever. They came from the late 70's/early 80's Los Angeles hardcore scene, but were definitely different from their peers. I mean sure, most of Milo Goes To College fits pretty well with that music scene, but songs like "Bikeage" were what set them apart. Even in their faster songs, they had a definite melodic, pop sensability. Lyrically they also were little different. The predominant theme for Milo can be summed in the song "I'm Not A Loser" (guess what it's about!) and it still really holds up well and definitely is sort of a time capsule for the period.

More importantly, they wrote songs about girls. Not like Ramones "Sweet little girl, I wanna be your boyfriend" girls songs (don't worry, I fucking love The Ramones, just making a point), but actual emotional songs about how they got dumped. They are the quintessential pop-punk band. Almost everyone who came after copied them.

Think about this: blink-182 are unashamedly (I bet Mark and Tom would both admit it) a total Descendents rip-off. Now think about how many bands just totally ripped off blink. Fall Out Boy? All Time Low? Think about how many bands around today totally rip-off those bands. Also keep in mind that when they started, blink-182 were just one of many bands who essentially owe their musical style to one band. They are without a doubt one of the most influential punk of all time. When you take into account how many big bands today they have either directly or indirectly (I bet the Friday Night Boys (please don't check them out) do not own a copy of Milo Goes To College) influenced, they have had a giant impact on mainstream pop music as well.

They've been one of my "go-to" bands for a long time because of how relatable they are. Songs about being unpopular and striking out and being used by girls are basically my cup of tea, but it's also that way for the vast majority of people who are in to punk rock.

Another thing I really like about the band is that every member contributes. It's not just the lead singer writes the songs and everyone plays along. Each album features a pretty even mix of songs by every member, showing how much of a really special group of musicians they. Even better, once they added guitarist Stephen and bassist Karl for their fourth album, All, they really started to all shred and write interesting and difficult, but also poppy and catchy instrumentals for all their songs

They put together catchiness, great song-writing and fun in the best way possible.

Obviously this is a bit of a fan-boy rant (Can you tell?), but I really do strongly urge you to check out the songs below because I think everyone has been dumped at felt shitty about it and everyone has felt like they didn't belong at some point and everyone gets bummed out sometimes, so it should be pretty relatable.

This song is pretty the blue print for every pop-punk song ever. Obviously the recording is a little rough, but it's fucking 1982. You don't think this is how Enema Of The State would have sounded back then?

Usually the first thing I do when I get home from school is put on side two of this record. But now the record player is broken. It still rules regardless.

Pop-punk perfection:

I'm sorry "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World, you're pretty sweet, but this is the best guitar solo of all time (See what I mean by making it technical, but still catchy?):

Then they went on hiatus for 9 years, came back and put my third favourite record of all time. This is my favourite song ever:

2003. Mid-life crisis, but still writing the best love songs in all of punk rock:

Long story short: I'm reallt excited to see one of my absolute favourite bands play in Toronto for the first time for a long time in Toronto on my birthday. If I ever complain about anything ever, please remind me that this is happening.

You've Been Lying To People You Knew, Since You Left The Womb. Thought It Wouldn't But Then It Happened To Me

Chixdiggit! is a totally underrated band.

Fuck yea.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Disintegration Is The Best Album Ever!

I was super late to the party on this band, but that doesn't change how much I love their songs.

Boom! Song Of The Day February 4th 2011:

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hey! So to go along with the gargantuan list that I posted not too long ago, I've made a mixtape! It has one song (and in one case two!) from each release on my list, so it pretty much serves as a "Best Of" for my 2010 in music. If anybody is pissed that their songs are on here, please let me know and I'll take it down.

So hey, what have you got to lose right? You might find a new band that you like!

(This is the first time I'm putting something like this up, so I'm still trying to figure out what I'm doing. I included a track listing with the download and I hope they turn up in the right order.)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bite Your Tongue And Show Some Respect Man

Even when it's easy shit I suck at updating! Yesterday was a snow day at the University of Guelph. I got drunk the entire day and went sledding two times. It was fun.

I'm pretty stoked that this band is back and can't wait to see them again soon.

Song Of The Day February 3rd 2011: