Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots

It's kind of weird having people you don't keep in contact with at all or know well at all on Facebook. It can be awesome; like a person who you were never really friends with but knew well-enough as an acquaintance that it would've made you seem like a dick if you didn't accept their friend request. Generally, there is a reason you never became good friends with them: They suck. That is where "awesome" comes in, when they pop up every now and then on your newsfeed it's pretty hilarious to see their profile and remind yourself how much they suck.

That makes me sound like a tremendous dick, doesn't it? You know you all fucking do it too.

Sometimes it sucks, like when a person you barely know posts so much shit that your entire newsfeed is made up of them posting pictures of themselves in the mirror before they leave for school. Then again, this is usually easily remedied as they quickly get blocked.

Anyways Tim, why are you mentioning all of this glorious shinfo? It's because recently a girl who I worked with a few summers ago posted a link to her tumblr on Facebook. Being the lazy and procrastinating person that I am, I clicked on it. She was also a total dumb-valley girl type (Wow, I really am a tremendous dick.) who I wouldn't think to have any cool interests. I am a masochist so I clicked on it to put myself through the intense emotional pain of seeing her blog. Unsurprisingly, it was mostly pictures she took of herself. Often in shirts to show off her boobs, or turning around to adequately show off the junk residing in her trunk.

The first thing I thought was "Jesus Christ, that is the most ridiculously vain thing I have ever seen in my life!" And let's get real, it is pretty fucking vain. I don't even find her attractive, but I guess she drives the bros wild and it seems like she just posts the pictures in order to receive compliments on them about how pretty everyone thinks she is. That's a high level of self-interest.

But then I thought "How is my blog any different?" I mean obviously mine isn't all pictures of myself, but mine is all me writing about what I think, things that I like, music I like, stories from MY life. How is that any less self-interested than her blog? The reason I started it is definitely to have a place to throw all the shit that races through my head (That lack of pre-meditation results in incredibly well thought-out and syntax-rich posts like this one.), but am I going to act like I don't like receiving unsuspecting positive comments about this blog from people. Nah man.

I guess what I'm getting at is that it's really easy to jump all over people when at the same time we're usually guilty of many of the same things. And nobody like a hypocrite. Obviously there are people who are just that terrible and deserve to be ripped on, but it also seems like you can make the case that someone doesn't suck too hard for everyone.

I guess it boils down to what is better: Boobs and asses or writing and music?

Tough call, you guys.