Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Those Were Happy Bells!

Over yesterday and today I went through another re-read of many past entries on this blog and was immediately stricken by how different I can be while still remaining roughly the same person. Every time I read any post on this blog it immediately takes me back to the time in my life when I wrote it, which is pretty cool. More and more this thing is becoming a time capsule for my life and I kinda like that.

As I was reading through yesterday, I realized that there is one part that shows how dated this is more than anything else and that is the links sidebar. Many of the links are bands who are broken up, blogs that are now neglected, or.....well actually everything fits pretty nicely into those two categories. I'm to clean up that area in a little bit but figured it would be great to call attention to it.

"Beat Noir Are Sexy Motherfuckers"
This one is probably funniest because it is the band that I am currently in. I added that link (obviously) before I joined. I would like to state for the record that Colin, Duff and Mark are all sexy motherfuckers.

"Bomb The Music Industry!"
Still one of my favourite parts of being alive, but have stopped making music. If this was two years ago I would have written a very lengthy piece describing the bands importance to me, but now I barely write in this thing at all and the "break-up" happened long enough ago that writing about it now would seem stupid. Kind of shows how much my attitude about talking about music has changed in the last little while. Fortunately for me there is no shortage of posts about how much that band means to me on here.

"Brenden Kelly"
First and foremost, I misspelled his name and only just noticed that. I used to read his blog every day and definitely tried to emulate his style of writing a lot during part of this blog. Except now that's a link to a blog that hasn't been updated in two years since it moved urls.

"Chef Blog!"
This was a blog that my friend used to document his experiences while attending chef school and honing his practices. Now it takes you over to his tumblr.

"Dino Comix"
One of the few links that is still active! Dinosaur Comics remains amazing and is definitely my favourite web-comic ever (sorry Mitch Clem). I strongly urge you to get into it.

I like the band Fireworks. Back when I put the links up on the side there weren't many bands that updated blogs regularly and Fireworks was one of them.

"Fuck Yeah Sharks"
This was the original "Fuck Yeah" blog on tumblr, which has since become a huge trend. Also, this blog really made laugh during its hayday. It hasn't been updated in forever and is pretty much done, like many of the other links.

Another link that magically still works. Also, shouts out to Lemuria for sticking with blogger after all these years. Like me!

"Make Do And Mend"
I was pretty into Bodies of Water. I don't listen to this band much anymore.

"My Tumblr (I barely use it)"
The funny part of this is that I used to be kind of opposed to tumblr a few years ago and wanted to show that I wasn't that into it. I'm pretty into it now.

"Nic Cage As Everyone"
This blog (while being a one-trick pony) is pretty hilarious. It more or less done though.

"Nick "Eazy" East"
The blog of my wonderful friend Nicholas East. It also hasn't been updated in forever and seems to be done.

"On My Scraper Bike"
This was a mixtape blog that I started with my friends Ken and Tanner. We were really excited about it when we first started it, but fell off it pretty much right away. Fuckin' way she goes, right?

"Paper And Plastick Rekerds"
I thought Paper And Plastick was the best label in the world for a while. Then a lot of bands left their roster, rumours of bands not getting everything they were promised and some records I ordered never came. They did make a lot of cool records though!

While their blogger isn't active anymore, they are still trucking over on tumblr. They are some great buds and make even greater tunes. Get heavy bruh.

"Bad New Bad Blog"
This was my brother's blog for a while. It has fallen by the wayside since then.

"We Are The Union"
I loved the hell out of this band, but unfortunately they broke up earlier this year. Feels bad man.

I guess something cool that I've realized because of this is that this blog has outlasted most other things people start on the internet.

Go me, I guess.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I, Musical Genius

I swear I have posts with some actual content to them in progress right now. Hold tight all 0 of you who remember that this blog actually exists.

In the meantime, here's a video of one of the bests nights of my life. And hey, on top of that it's the song that this blog is named after. If you keep an eye for a kid in a white and blue baseball tee on the stage-left side of the crowd, that's me.

ASOB's music always takes me back to a time in my life when I was bummed about some things, but everything was still easy to deal with. Three Cheers For Disappointment is a big part of why I'm the person I am today. I still can't hear "Nowhere" without having my fist clenched and screaming "It's gonna rain tonight, but it's gotta stop eventually. Let's anticipate the sun and warmth and raise our fists and say "Everything is always falling apart but I can't."".

They make me so happy