Sunday, March 9, 2014

Write Me A Cheque

Something that's been really popular on my facebook feed recently has been friends of mine posting lists of "12 (or 13 or 14) Albums That Changed You (or Stayed With You)". Basically, the idea is that you post a list of a few of your favourite albums with not very much thought being put into it, as the focus is more on the first thing that pops into your head, rather than a meticulous, thought-out process. Of course, as most people aren't huge music nerds like the people who originally started doing this, it eventually just turned into "Post Your Favourite Music".

I do want to state that I'm a fan of the original intention though. I think about music as much as the next guy, but there's something very refreshing about someone just posting something because it's the first thing they thought of, rather than mapping out why one album is better than another or constructing some type of elaborate argument to prove your point. Music is art and our response is generally emotional, so it's cool to base your thought process off of that in this case. And hell, it says something if you think of one release right away and then have to dig deep to  remember another, doesn't it?

It has already been documented on this blog that I am TOO PUNK and TOO COOL to participate in trends on facebook, but as was the case last time, I'm actually kind of interested in this one and it seems neat. So here you go, these are 13 albums that have stuck with me over the years (or this is my list of favourite albums without racking my brain over shit that I'm forgetting). I have them in order, but it's pretty arbitrary; again, I'm not spending a ton of time on this.

The Arrogant Sons of Bitches- Three Cheers For Disappointment
I have realized that having a "favourite album ever" is difficult because it's always changing, based on how your taste changes. This one is "mine" though and as is about as close as anything will get.

Bomb The Music Industry!- To Leave Or Die In Long Island
I used to time my walk home from high school so that I could scream all of the words to "Syke, Life Is Awesome!" to myself and that helped me deal with things more than you could possibly imagine.

The Suicide Machines- Destruction By Definition
This one made an instant impact and it hasn't gotten old since. In fact, I'm wearing a Suicide Machines shirt right now.

Less Than Jake- Hello Rockview
I have to pick just one LTJ album?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

We Are The Union- Who We Are
This is one that if I sat down and thought about the list might not have made it, but really has stayed with me over the years.

blink-182- Dude Ranch
Blink was one of the first bands I got into and this album still fucking rules.

Lifetime- Jersey's Best Dancers
I probably don't listen to Lifetime enough. They're the best. FEELINGS.

The Ergs!- Dorkrockcorkrod
There was a time in my life when I listened to The Ergs! and not much else. Riffs for days and cute lyrics for days.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones- Let's Face It
Again, probably wouldn't have included it on a best albums ever list, but I started listening to this band early in high school and haven't stopped since. Also, at one time I wanted to get "Let's Face It" tattooed on my chest like Travis Barker's Dag Nasty tattoo. I have since reconsidered that idea.

Saves The Day- Stay What You Are
Everything about this album is perfect. It has everything about a "favourite record"; a sound that captures a point in your music taste, relatability, being tied to a specific/important/nostalgic time in your life. Christ, I love it so much.

Set Your Goals- Mutiny!
Yeah, I'm  a poseur. Whatever. I love SYG and have been listening to this since it came out.

Descendents- Everything Sucks
One of my favourites ever. "Thank You" is probably my favourite song of all-time.

Operation Ivy- Energy
Fucking timeless and if anything, I've started to love it more since I heard it in ninth grade.

BUT, I think that doesn't really capture me lately, so I have made this additional list of "Albums That Have Stuck With Me From The Last Few Years":

The Sidekicks- Weight of Air

The Swellers- Good For Me

John K Samson- Provincial

House Boat- The Thorns of Life

The Copyrights- North Sentinal Island

The Hotel Year- It Never Goes Out

Bomb The Music Industry!- Vacation

The Wonder Years- The Upsides

I Am The Avalanche- Avalanche United

Classics Of Love- Self-Titled

Sometimes I feel like I'm going through some huge musical transformation and my taste isn't even close to what it used to be. Looking at the lists above, I'm still the same dude, there's just not as many ska bands as there used to be.